Apiary Title is your resource for connecting with incredible individuals that will level up your endeavors. Our staff are very important to us because we work in tandem with them to provide a solution for any situation that may arise.

A reliable organization, a team that can take on any challenge, and resources for you to succeed are all apart of what our staff brings to the table. We believe that the best way to conduct business is with those that you not only respect, but with individual and businesses that make you better.

Jarrod Etheridge

Having worked with a multitude of clients, Jarrod understands that every opportunity requires a unique approach. Standard practices garner standard results, and that's why he goes above and beyond the normal obligations of the standard Title Agency.

In the business of Real Estate and Title, you have to be connected to the clients that you work with. You have to understand their goals, and ask the right questions. That's where Jarrod excels.

He strives for the best level of communication with his clients, and sets a standard for service that will exceed your expectations. At Apiary Title, we are a community that enjoys the work that we do, and that translates to how we treat our clients.

Bobby Jenkins

Bobby is thorough and dilligent. With an extensive background helping others, he is a perfect fit for Apiary Title. He does not hesitate with the tasks at hand, and stays with each job until it is done right.

For many, the business of Title revolves around how extensive and detail-oriented you can be. When you're tranferring ownership of a property, the fine print matters so much.

That's specifically why we select individuals who will not only triple check their work, but will also stay vigilant for any item they see that needs to be addressed. Bobby is that kind of worker, and we're proud to have him on the team.

Kara Hoover

Kara is a ray of sunshine, and imbues almost every situation with such positive energy. Not only this, but she cares so deeply about the work that she accomplishes.

A U.C.F. student, her ultimate goal is to learn, grow, and understand the Title industry on a deep level. Her positive personality is such an asset to the team, and every client remarks how kind, consistent, and caring she is.

For us at Apiary, having a staff that truly acts as a team is important. It's about being connected to each other and our clients, and Kara is an essential part of that process. With her enthusiasm with each task, it becomes infectious, and the team has that much more fuel to get the job done at our standards.

Apiary is the best for taking a transaction to close.

"Real Estate is all about communication and being able to convey to your clients confidence so that they understand where they are in the closing process. Apiary prioritizes open chanels of communication, and is one of the best in the business when handling your closing."

by Darnell Mahone

We needed a title company we could count on.

Real Estate is an industry that is built on trust, and we have to know that we are offering our clients the best resources. Apiary handles all of our transactions with care, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The closing process is vital, and they have never let us down. We would highly recommend them."

by Thomas Morgan

Every client I work with and every property I bring them is valued.

"With a staff that is personalble and knowledgable, Apiary treats every transaction with the respect and dilligence it deservse. You will not find a better Title Company to work with, and they always go above and beyond to make sure the deal closes and all parties stay apprised to the progression of the transaction."

by Lazaro Rodriguez